Kathy Matulich   




My name is Kathy Carlson Matulich. I have been involved in retail and wholesale in the garment and gift business for approximately 35 years. During my career in the garment industry I was a buyer, merchandiser and designers representative in the better, high end market. I worked the Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York Shows in the capacity of National Sales Manager for companies based in Bali, France and Italy.

I opened my own store, Casa Allegra, in 2001. For 8 years it was a favorite home store in Santa Monica. I specialized in merchandise from Mexico, South America ,India,Indonesia and other Ports of Call..The store was beautifully merchandised with dishware, candles,food products,hand crafted furniture,crosses and nichos from San Miguel de Allende. We were also known for our toy department. Due to the slow economy,especially hit was Los Angeles, I sadly closed the doors to Casa Allegra.

For the past year I have been doing home shows, interior design, merchandising and in-store consulting. I am currently working with Gorky Gonzalez representing his collection in the Gus Dallas Showroom at the Los Angeles Mart. The showroom is known for tabletop, kitchen ware (Viking ) and home products. This last show we opened up some great accounts that specialize in Home Decor. I just did some consulting work for a Mexican restaurant opening in Sacramento. They will be featuring Gorky Gonzalez throughout the restaurant with Mexican glassware and artwork I introduced them to from Mexico.